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Gala Fary

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Ms. Fary has more than 30 years of experience supporting client relations, project management, change management and quality process management.  She has managed projects and solution delivery for several Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, IBM and GE, in aerospace, oil and gas and energy. She worked on the International Space Station in Huntsville, AL and Houston, TX training NASA engineers how to utilize proprietary programs to build out the Space Station.  She is currently the CEO of IRON Currency Solutions, a strategic business solution company. and COO of Sankofa Global Trading, an import and export trading company. with a focus on Africa.


Ms. Fary is an experienced healthcare industry leader in quality performance and data analytics. She was most recently responsibility for managing the STAR5 solution development and delivery, in addition, to the client engagement and consulting services. She has served in healthcare executive leadership roles with a nationally recognized hospital health system, medium and large scale health plans leading HEDIS and Medicare Advantage Stars teams and as a payer solutions leader for several medical chart retrieval vendors. Having worked in the healthcare industry as a provider, a vendor and as a payer gives Gala a deep understanding of the value of clinical data and analytics for care management, quality improvement and revenue enhancement for the health plan payer perspective. 


As an Operations Leader, it is second nature for Ms. Fary to assess, analyze, and seek the "best in class" solutions to improve and manage people, processes, and systems.  As a Program Manager, Ms. Fary understand the value of empowering people to identify and deliver those solutions.  This empowerment creates ownership and accountability, which helps to facilitate organizational change.

As a certified Six Sigma Quality Green Belt, Ms. Fary understand the value of establishing tangible measurable metrics. These metrics create clear, concise boundaries that help to maintain control and order.  If the expected standards of behavior are identified and communicated from the inception of the process, procedure or policy, there is very little room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. 

Ms. Fary has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Alabama and acquired Six Sigma quality training and certification for GE's quality management program. This foundation makes her very process and data driven in solving the problems that impact health plan quality initiatives.



University of Alabama

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering

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