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D'Anna Holmes

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D’Anna Holmes, a certified Patient Experience Professional, is known for her success in leading patient experience initiatives for large-scale hospitals and health systems.  After completing her administrative residency in; D’Anna went on to hold several patient experience roles focused on the implementation of patient and family advisory councils and evidence-based patient experience practices.  For the past 4 years she has worked as a patient advocacy leader in the pharmaceutical industry. 


D’Anna credits her passion for patient experience to her son, a hepatoblastoma survivor. D’Anna says, “17 years of sitting at my son’s bedside has given me invaluable knowledge and an intimate understanding of what patients and families experience every day”.  D’Anna not only uses her personal experience to inform her decisions as a health care professional she also shares her personal story as a keynote conference speaker and global patient/family advisor.     


D'Anna holds a BA in International Business (French Studies) and an MS in Health Administration.


Dillard University

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Issued April 2016 * No Expiration Date

The Beryl Institue

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) International Business

Master of Science (MS), Health/Health Care Administration/Management

Certified Patient Experirence Professional

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