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Dr. Jerry Roberson

Dr. Jerry Roberson Headshot.jpeg

Jerry Roberson, DrPH is a distinguished public health professional dedicated to
addressing health disparities, particularly in infant and maternal mortality, fatherhood,
and family resilience. His academic pursuits include a Doctorate of Public Health from
UNTHSC and post-doctoral studies in Cybersecurity from Harvard. With over two
decades of experience in maternal and child health touching from local to federal levels, he has been called upon multiple times to provide expert testimony to the U.S.
Congress and multiple state legislatures.

His advocacy has shaped policies aimed at reducing health disparities and improving
health outcomes for marginalized communities, particularly related to infant and
maternal health. His research began by focusing on the impact of neighborhood effect on birth outcomes. Dr. Roberson has worked with programs all across the US to reduce the infant mortality disparity gap, to reduce the maternal mortality gap, to promote fatherhood and family resilience, specifically in the BIPOC communities and
populations. He promotes the active involvement of fathers in childcare and health
decision-making. He creates culturally sensitive educational materials and programs
tailored to the unique needs of diverse populations, aligning with DHNRx's mission.

From the public health megaphone, Dr. Jerry advocates for patient-centered care when working with clinicians and he nurtures environments for integrating patient voices into healthcare decision-making processes. He champions equitable access to clinical trials and new therapies for underrepresented populations, addressing systemic barriers to health equity.

Dr. Jerry has trained in martial arts since age seven and credits the martial disciplines
for many of his own holistic views for self-care and service to others. Through his
leadership and advocacy, Dr. Jerry Roberson continues to inspire and drive forward the mission of Diversity Health NetWoRx, significantly impacting the health and well-being of the communities he serves.


University of North Texas Health Science Center

Harvard University

Doctorate of Public Health from UNTHSC

Post-doctoral studies in Cybersecurity from Harvard.

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